Wheel of Fortune & JEOPARDY! Rebranding

While working for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, my team was tasked with rebranding the game shows "Wheel of Fortune" and "JEOPARDY!" This included rebranding all in-show motion graphics, the show opens and the websites. I was the Producer on the project and worked with our Creative Director and two Art Directors to update their brand and to create fresh show opens and websites. For this project I worked very closely with the shows Executive Producer and our creative team. I took the lead on hiring a 3-D animation company to create the show opens and bumper graphics. This also included direction of some spots and bumpers for both shows as well as new websites. I oversaw the production and development as well as content for the rebranding project. This worked extremely well and show ratings saw a bump from our efforts.


Director, Producer, Project Lead


Brand/Marketing, Video/Film,  Featured

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