Sony Pictures Entertainment - Websites

As Senior Web Producer at Sony Pictures I was responsible for the creation of the marketing websites for most of Sony Pictures' Television shows. I supervised a talented team of Web Producers, Developers and the design, marketing plans, content and promotion for over 25 websites per year. (This was a total of over 75 websites.) I would meet with show producers and studio executives to create the digital marketing plan for many of these shows. This frequently involved the creation of transmedia content and sweepstakes.

Some award-winning sites I supervised were: Wheel of Fortune, JEOPARDY!, Rock & Roll JEOPARDY!, The Mask of Zorro, VIP, The King of Queens, The Tick, Starship Troopers, Falcone, The Net, Party of Five, Men in Black, Donny & Marie, DragonTales and many, many more sites. (Sadly these sites are no longer live, and I don't have the best screencaps of them.)


Senior Producer, wearer of many hats



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